Nature trails


Ooty… lush greenery, serene lake, and of late crowded with tourists. Ooty botanical gardens have remained the tourist’s favorite for a long time. A search for other attractions led us to the Rose Gardens.

Roses in all colours and sizes abound the rose gardens.  The view is spectacular with thousands of roses, and the Ootacamund valley in the backdrop.


Red rose


All colours and hues …

Purple rose

And white being no exception…



One more white beauty

White rose

Dazzling in te bright sunlight..

Yellow rose

Soft, gentle and happy roses :)


As also majestic and splendid beauty…

Rose Ooty

Is not beauty all about peace, joy and cheerfulness ?

Roses ooty


Every time I think of these roses, my mind becomes overcome with peace and happiness.

Village Bliss

Life in the middle of no where

My life in wide open spaces for I live neither in a farm land nor in a village

Open farms


Pristine, fresh and green surroundings throughout


Green lands


With only wind mills to give us company



And, our two native breeds dogs

Native India breed

Native Indian Pariah dog


Every new day starts bright and cheerful

Open door


So much of life and energy brimming around


It is here that I have started to learn, accept and live !

Village Bliss

A happy family

Do you remember this handsome fella?

And this pretty damsel?

The happy couple have additions to their family now. There are fluffy little ones now, always tagging behind her :)

Here come more…

Adorable little chickens they are. Always active and hungry very much like their mother. The mother has no thoughts for anything else other than teaching her little ones to search for worms and grains. Our handsome groom is now a protective father, always on the guard to keep them safe from dogs, cats and crows.

It is astonishing to see the way country chickens take care of their little ones. They make perfect parents.

Observing these country hens is interesting, …like reading an open book on life.

Village Bliss

Reluctant bride

We have a pretty maiden at the farm…

And then it was time to get her company, a new groom…

He was very interested in making friends with her. But, she was reluctant. It did not help that she could fly well, while he was still a beginner at flying. He tried, and tried.. and tried…

And atlast,  flew up and perched next to her.

The beginning of a new friendship.. blossoming on the branches of a mango tree :)


Chat Corner, Village Bliss

A rose is a rose is a rose…

Summer is just over, and we are having frequent showers with lots of bright sunlight. It rains for a couple of hours, and then it suddenly becomes sunny and sultry. Evenings are cool with a pleasant breeze.

In the midst of coconut trees and green plants,we found a sudden burst of colour – our rose plants are in full bloom with colorful flowers. Here is a sampler basket of photos :)

The adorable white rose:

I was not the only one drawn to this rose. There was an other visitor, already feasting on the white petals:

Here comes the delicate pink rose:

With soft pinkish and white edges, her petals are so delicate and soft.

Here is a more fiery one, with yellow / orange buds:

And when it blooms, it is a riot of colours, with a mix of red, yellow and orange colors:

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose! The burst of colors, soft petals, delicate fragrance… and lot more to this beautiful flower.