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A rose is a rose is a rose…

Summer is just over, and we are having frequent showers with lots of bright sunlight. It rains for a couple of hours, and then it suddenly becomes sunny and sultry. Evenings are cool with a pleasant breeze.

In the midst of coconut trees and green plants,we found a sudden burst of colour – our rose plants are in full bloom with colorful flowers. Here is a sampler basket of photos :)

The adorable white rose:

I was not the only one drawn to this rose. There was an other visitor, already feasting on the white petals:

Here comes the delicate pink rose:

With soft pinkish and white edges, her petals are so delicate and soft.

Here is a more fiery one, with yellow / orange buds:

And when it blooms, it is a riot of colours, with a mix of red, yellow and orange colors:

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose! The burst of colors, soft petals, delicate fragrance… and lot more to this beautiful flower.


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September Blog Carnival: Say it with flowers na!

 Key bunch is a blog on Indian homes, design and interiors.  I love blogs on interiors and design and I have a looong list of blogs in this category that I love to visit. Key bunch is one of my favourites in this list.  This blog is almost never about posh interiors, high-priced hotels etc… It is about houses, decor and design that every average Indian can relate to. They have a September Blog Carnival with the theme “Say it with Flowers”.  So here comes yet another post on flowers…

There are two jasmine pandals in our garden… Since jasmine plants belong to the climber variety, we create bamboo supports called pandal. They start blooming in the evenings, around 5 PM. We pluck the flowers before they bloom and make garlands out of them. On days when we don’t pluck flowers, their heavenly fragrance spreads throughout the garden.



Right next to the jasmine pandal are the rose plants. We started out with one plant… it grew so fast that we propagated it and now there are 3 rose plants. They are white roses with a tinge of pink around the petals. They flower all round the year and always have 6 to 8 flowers in every plant.


In spite of the many plans surrounding our house, the inside was not cheerful enough till we added a few indoor plants. We have a few climbers on the windows now…


And as always, the pretty flower arrangements make every corner and tabletop a pretty sight to look at.


Except for the front yard, rest of our garden is filled with native indian flowering and fruit plants. The front yard alone is different from the rest. It has a lawn with crotens and other pretty shrubs. A recent addition to our front yard is this new garbera plant. My dad bought it at a flower exhibition… we planted three, but only one survived. It flowers once a month and the flowers last almost two weeks (if the naughty squirrels don’t tear them apart). 


To end this post, here is a favourite picture of mine shot by my loved one. A busy bee collecting all the nectar it can before the sun rises up. For those wondering what this strange flower is… it is the flower of a guava tree in my aunt’s house.


Hope you enjoyed the post. Do join the flower carnival at Key Bunch and share pics of your pretty flowers.


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Flowery details

Most of the Indian decor blogs I follow showcase beautiful flower arrangements . Inspired by these blogs, I have been doing the same, though in my own way :)

This led me to discover the colours and textures of  the fllowers in my garden. What followed immediately was, ofcourse, photographing them. Though I should agree, no photograph can do justice to their amazing beauty, symmetry, colours and textures.

Here are a few … Hope you enjoy them

Starting with the elegant white rose

Bunches of white flowers… They look beautiful against the fresh green leaves.


 Bougenvillas… it is amazing as to how three petals and three stamens make such a lovely flower!

 Leaves are equally beautiful… Only nature can create such perfect symmetries.


Tulasi seeds… Lovely bell shapes with seeds inside.


Bringing these flowers into the house makes the place so much more cheerful :) Of late, picking and arranging flowers has become my favourite time pass.

  Not only the living room, even the kitchen looks more beautiful with these flowers.


 Sometimes on the microwave top, on other days in the living room or in the pooja room… Be it hibiscus or jasmine or tulsi leaves…, bringing nature in to the house adds cheer and joy to the home .