Nature trails

They burst out of the earth… They are conquerors,  winning over every inch of land leaving no space for anything else.  They are known as weeds and grasses.


One of the oldest inhabitants of the earth, so much earlier than us humans. They continue to thrive.. nurturing the soil, animals, and humans.


They are beautiful plants… their beauty visible to those who are willing to take a closer look.


Looking at the earth from behind the grasses is a feast to the eyes.


Even the ever beautiful sky becomes more prettier when viewed along with wild weeds.


One of my favorite Zen quotes… “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”


To sum it up, Nurturing soil, pretty weeds, hovering bees, little flowers…  , , ,  …beauty, silence, fullness, Nature.



They come in all shapes and sizes


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