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Baby names and Folk lullabies

Nature has gifted us with a beautiful baby girl on June 27th. Suddenly my life style, schedules, priorities have all changed upside down. We have slowly started discovering the joys of parenting.

We wanted a tamil name for daughter, that was simple and related to Nature. Though the Internet has many links for baby names, not many appealed to us. In the end, I compiled my own list of tamil baby names, with the help of family and friends. Here is the list of Nature related tamil baby (girl) names:

vanamalar (wild flower)
kurinjimalar (flower of the mountains)
Kavin Malar (Nature’s flower)
Panimalar (Dew covered flower)
Kodimalar (flower on a creeper)
Menmalar (delicate / soft flower)
Thenmalar (honey covered flower)
ezhil malar (Simple and heavenly flower)
venmalar (white flower)

kaadamarselvi (maiden of the forest)
minnal kodi (creeper shaped lightning streak)
Paavai (beautiful lade)

pooazagi (damsel as beautiful as a flower)
Poovizhi (damsel with flower like eyes)

sudar oli (flaming light)
Sudarkodi (flaming creeper)

thaarakai (star)
uthaya tharakai (awakening star)
Vennila (white moon)
Thendral (breeze)
Oviya (portrait)
Natchathra (star)

Hope this would help other parents who are looking for simple tamil names for their daughters.

 One other discovery was the effect of  folk lullabies on babies. My aunt taught me a simple tamil folk lullaby song that miraculously puts my daughter to sleep even when every other attemp fails. So, began my search for tamil folk lullaby or thalaattu songs.

These songs have simple tunes and their lyrics relate to everyday life. They evolved in villages and were improvised by generations of simple rural folk. Here are a few beautiful ones available online:

Traditional folk lullaby (video on U-tube):

 Lullaby song by folk musician, Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy:

**** This post would appeal only to tamil readers. Apologies to my non-tail leaders… Request all my non-tamil readers to share similar links to lullabies or other baby related interesting links in their regional languages.


11 thoughts on “Baby names and Folk lullabies

  1. Glad you like them.. When I ask around for tamil names, all suggestions are either religious or from historical tamil novels. So came up with this list.

  2. Congratulations Iniyaal! Aand thats a lovely name.. Semmalar. Sure you are enjoying motherhood.

    On another note… Just catching up on several of your posts. Your writing resonates with my innermost self. Although living in urban Bangalore, simple country life inspires me like nothing else can.

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