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Getting started – with Papyrus

I have been planning, thinking and dreaming about opening an online shop for my handmade products. After spending a long time dreaming about it, I have finally found the courage to work on it :)

I have started an online shop in Etsy. It took some time to work on the products I have to focus on for the Etsy shop. I am now searching for ways to promote it.

I am not sure how successful it is going to be, but I am happy that I have finally put my plan into action.

Please check out my shop and share your thoughts on it.

After spending years crafting and painting within my room, I started this blog about a year back. From the wonderful support I have received from the lovely people who visit my  blog, I have started spending every minute of my spare time in coming up with new crafty ideas. I value your comments and feedbacks. So please do check my online shop and share your comments. 

I have also started another blog “Handmade Heaven” to showcase products added to the Etsy shop.  This new blog is eager to welcome you with open hands :) I hope you enjoy it  and visit it often.


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