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Li’l Garden

Pretty flowers in orange and red. Leaves and creepers in green and yellow. Mud as soft as snow, carpeted with wilted leaves. Pretty little mushrooms all over the place, fresh after the rains. If they have no place in your tiny yard, fear not. Here is a handy little garden to sit cosy in your apartment, reminding you of nature, its bounty and its beauty.

This is made of m-seal and ceramic clay. m-seal is first kneaded to make a dough. Shape it into leaves, flowers, stems etc. After drying, they are painted. The base is a used CD, painted in hues of brown, green and yellow. All the little m-seal flowers, leaves etc are stuck on to this painted CD. Finally, a coat of varnish is applied over it, to keep away dirt and to give it a glossy finish.

It is a good way to re-use CDs. I am not sure if m-seal / ceramic clay are harmful to mother earth. Kindly share with me if you know about it.


17 thoughts on “Li’l Garden

  1. Its lovely… Have you tried making Ganesha out of m-seal??? Its easy and with a littl bit of effort looks awesome..

    You’ve got me thinking… that I can start some clay work as well.. Thank you!!

  2. @ Patricia
    Thank you :) I have not yet tried making ganesha out of m-seal, but will try it out soon.
    Wish you good luck with the clay work.

    @ Joshi
    Thank you :)

  3. This is sweet! Funny I featured something on my other blog where a CD was used for a craft project. Got to love recycling!

  4. I have used Fevicryl’s Shilpkar m-seal for this garden piece. M-seal from hardware stores can also be used, though it is more difficult to handle. M-seal from fevicryl is smooth and easier to model.

  5. The piece looks great..ur question about m seal is true. it is a basically some form of non biodegradable epoxy resin ( in most cases)…dint mean to spoil the fun..but too much exposure to m seal is harmful. (known to release formaldehyde and and a few other toxic fumes) There could be products which are safe as well..but fevicryl has not tested well. (unable to trace the report :(….) There may be other alternatives right.

  6. Had never heard of m seal before. I am sure there are safe products for a project like this, I would look into modelling clays used by children for school projects, as schools are (usually!) careful about those issues, especially preschools where there’s a danger of kids eating the clay.

  7. Yes, but I was looking at alternatives that can be painted and fired/dried to have permanence. Where there is creativity, there is bound to be a way. I will definitely find an alternative :)

  8. Quite innovative. I like it already !! do you plan to sell those for the benefit of others who can’t make on their own?

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